How can a family law attorney help with the adoption process?

For couples in Maryland who are hoping to adopt a child from another country, there are many rules they must follow before moving forward with the adoption. A family law attorney with experience in international adoption can be of great assistance when this decision has been made. Ensuring that all the details have been understood and followed through upon can smooth the process so that there are no mishaps and holdups preventing the child from being successfully adopted.

When bringing a child to the U.S. from another country and adopting the child, it’s imperative that Immigration Services, Department of Homeland Security and Bureau of Citizenship are all informed and the proper paperwork is filled out. There are various procedures that must be adhered to and a Maryland adoption lawyer can provide assistance in completing these procedures as required. It is not a requirement that a person or persons who are attempting to adopt a child from outside the U.S. be married, but some countries do want the child to go to a two parent home.

Home study is another important aspect to the process. It is a requirement under Maryland adoption laws. The family and home the child is being brought into will be examined in depth. Everything from relationships, family situation, employment, financial status and health issues will be taken into account. It is done in part to make sure the child is being brought into a safe environment and in part to assist the adopting person to understand the responsibility the person is taking on.

The country from which the child is being adopted may have their own set of rules that must be followed. In addition, it’s possible that the prospective parents will have to travel to the child’s home country for assessment and so the adoption can be completed. With an international adoption, there are many factors and it’s not always easy, but a family lawyer with international adoption experience can provide significant assistance with completing the adoption as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Source: Maryland Department of Human Resources, “How to Adopt,” accessed on Sept. 22, 2014

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