Maryland domestic violence laws can prevent escalation of abuse

Domestic violence is an issue that arises all too frequently. Maryland domestic violence laws are in place to ensure that the alleged victim has an avenue to seek protection and support. Even with laws in place and the known consequences for domestic violence charges, an Ann Arundel County domestic violence lawyer is still confronted with these kinds of incidents. The prevalence of these charges is such that even people who are in the public eye have to deal with them.

An MMA fighter is known for his fighting skills in the ring, but when he uses those skills to abuse a spouse, it garners headlines and results in an arrest on numerous charges. A former contender for the Ultimate Fighting Championship title was arrested after beating his wife for the second time in a four-day period. The man, age 25, returned home after being bailed out of jail and found his wife at a neighbor’s home. He dragged her home by her hair, assaulted her, told her he planned to kill her and ordered his dog to attack her. The man was arrested again. During the investigation, numerous drugs and guns were found in the home. He faces numerous charges related to the assault, drugs and gun possession.

For those who are subjected to abuse in the home, it may seem that there are no options to receive protection. That, however, is not the case. Whether it’s domestic violence with a spouse, live-in boyfriend or girlfriend or harassment from a neighbor, acquaintance or stranger, the law will help protect a person who is being abused. A protective order can provide an abused person with child support, spousal support and the threat of arrest if the terms are violated.

In this incident, a former MMA fighter was arrested for beating his wife. The litany of charges he faces are serious For those who are being abused, the first step to seeking assistance after calling the police is to discuss the matter with a Maryland domestic violence lawyer.

Source: Boston Globe, “MMA fighter allegedly beat wife, sicced dog on her,” Evan Allen and Clare McNeill, Aug. 7, 2014

Source: Boston Globe, “MMA fighter allegedly beat wife, sicced dog on her,” Evan Allen and Clare McNeill, Aug. 7, 2014

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