Maryland man detained on suspicion of DWI, drug distribution

Officers of the Frederick Police Department have detained a Maryland man in relation to suspected DWI as well as involvement in drug activities. Officers claim to have discovered the 27-year-old man asleep at the wheel of a running vehicle in a parking lot. They believed that the man was intoxicated and requested that he perform a sobriety test. After the man was unable to satisfy officers through the test, he was detained.

Police claim to have discovered oxymorphone pills as well as marijuana resin in the man’s possession. The man allegedly did not have a prescription for the oxymorphone, and authorities have accused him of attempting to sell the pills. He has been charged with possession of oxymorphone with intent to distribute, possession of oxymorphone, possession of marijuana and DWI.

Any individual accused of drug charges may wish to retain a criminal defense lawyer, as Maryland state law provides for harsh penalties in the case of a conviction. Penalties vary based on the type and quantity of substance seized as well as whether the defendant intended to distribute the substance or had previous drug-related convictions. Penalties may include lengthy jail terms and hefty fines.

A criminal defense attorney in a case similar to this one might argue that the defendant had not intended to use the drugs seized for anything but personal use, as possession of drugs without the intent to distribute carries lesser penalties. The attorney might also argue that the sobriety tests used to determine the defendant’s sobriety were not accurate; field sobriety tests can produce inaccurate results if performed on individuals with specific disabilities or injuries.

Source: 2013 Maryland Code, “§ 5-608 – Penalties — Narcotic drug.”

Source: WUSA 9, “Md. man arrested for drug possession”, August 16, 2014

Source: WUSA 9, “Md. man arrested for drug possession”, August 16, 2014

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