Local sheriff charged with domestic violence

On Sunday, April 10, the sheriff of Anne Arundel County was arrested by county police for second-degree assault. The domestic violence charge came after officers arrived at the sheriff’s home and allegedly observed injuries to his wife’s face.

The woman, according to police records, told officers that the couple got into an argument and her husband told her to leave. She allegedly tried to take his money clip and then, she said, he pushed down on a bed. According to the woman’s son, a teenager, he saw the sheriff holding his mother down with both hands. The woman then said he threw her against a wall, where she banged her head. The wife also alleged that the sheriff “hit her in the left side of face and mouth.” The teenager reportedly told police that he saw his mother slap the sheriff, although he said it was in self-defense.

According to the charging papers, the woman had a swollen spot on the left of her lip and there was redness on her left cheek. There were also reportedly broken blood vessels in her left eye. She denied the need for medical care.

The sheriff issued a statement on Monday in which he denied any role in the assault. He said that there was “an emotional family dispute which led the police to come to our home.” He stated, “My wife and I fully cooperated with the police. Simply, no criminal actions took place, just a very emotional argument between a husband and wife.”

The sheriff returned to work on Tuesday. However, it was only in an administrative role. His duty weapon and several guns have been confiscated.

The sheriff’s wife has since taken to Facebook to defend her husband. The charges can be pursued even without cooperation from the victim. The case has been referred to a special prosecutor.

Domestic violence charges carry very serious consequences, and a strong defense strategy is crucial. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you understand more about how the charges will proceed and what the possible penalties may be.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Anne Arundel County sheriff to return to work after arrest in domestic incident,” Alison Knezevich, April 11, 2016

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