The high price of domestic abuse

The consequences of domestic abuse are enormous. The emotional toll it takes upon the victim is impossible to calculate. Domestic violence affects that individual’s family, job, and peace of mind.

As it turns out, there also appear to be social and financial consequences for all of us as well. Estimates place the annual costs in the U.S. for domestic violence as being between $3.9 billion and $7.7 billion. The workdays missed by victims are probably in the millions. Unfortunately, estimates of costs probably don’t even come close to factoring in everything that is lost due to domestic violence.

When victims flee domestic violence for temporary safety, they face hardships resulting from a complete disruption of their lives. Victims often are facing leaving their homes and changing jobs. Sometimes they face significant periods of unemployment while at the same time trying to care for their children. And even following all of these struggles, the potential for facing additional violence is still present.

Though the court process seems daunting for victims, researchers found that “persisting through the court process may be the only way to help women put a stop to abuse and thus mitigate negative effects.”

Victims of abuse require long-term solutions due to the lasting impact of domestic violence. Resolving domestic violence is complex. Victims require protection and financial resources to protect themselves and their children. Protective orders sometimes are necessary. Maryland attorneys handling domestic violence cases understand the resources available to help victims out. They understand the laws put in place to protect victims.

Source: The Nation, “How Much Does Domestic Abuse Cost Its Survivors?” Michelle Chen, April 6, 2015

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