Don’t make the mistake of putting your life in danger

The holidays are supposed to be a time when families come together for jovial gatherings. Sadly, many people find that they are dealing with domestic violence during the holiday season. Some of these people might try to put a smile on their face to make it seem like everything at home is fine. That can prove to be a fatal mistake. If you are the victim of domestic violence, we can help you learn about your options to get a protective order to help you remain safe.

While all instances of domestic violence are dangerous, the danger increases if there is a gun in your home. In fact, instances of domestic violence are five times more likely to turn deadly if there is a gun in the home. If there is a gun in your home, you could be putting your life in danger by remaining there any longer than absolutely necessary.

We know that having to leave your home during the holidays isn’t pleasant; however, we don’t want you to put your life at risk because you want to be home for the holiday. Instead, we can help you to find ways to keep yourself safe if you decide to leave the situation.

There are three types of protective orders that are available. The interim order is one that we can help you get right away. The temporary order is the next that occurs. The hearing for this one usually happens within 48 hours of you getting the interim order. A final order is that last order in the process. That hearing occurs within seven days of the temporary order issuance.

Even if you have financial concerns, we can help you to explore the possibility of emergency family maintenance. This might help you to cover life expenses once the order is made. We can help you with all these aspects of getting out of a domestic violence situation.

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