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An Anne Arundel County domestic violence lawyer can help you

When you reach out to our firm, you can get help from a knowledgeable and supportive Anne Arundel County domestic violence lawyer. We understand how difficult it can be to face the threat of violence, and we will take every precaution necessary to protect our clients. If you need a protective order or would like to understand the legal options for your particular situation, contact an Anne Arundel County domestic violence lawyer today. 

When a Maryland individual is faced with violence at home, there are legal steps that can be taken to protect victims, whether adults or children. Unfortunately, victims may not reach out for help because of fear, uncertainty or simply because they do not know that legal protections is available. A lawyer can evaluate your situation and determine which type of protective order is best for your situation, either a protective order or a peace order. 

A peace order may be appropriate for a situation in which an individual would like to protect him or herself against a neighbor, stranger or even an acquaintance. A protective order may be a necessity for someone who feels that protection is needed from a spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, co-parent, or roommate. There are various levels of protective orders, which are based on the circumstances of the individual situation. Protective orders can also be used to secure custody arrangements for up to one year.

Avoid taking an unnecessary risks with your personal safety and the safety of those in your family by taking the proper legal steps. If you feel threatened by a spouse or fear for your safety in any way, consider how an Anne Arundel County domestic violence lawyer can help. Get additional information about protective orders by visiting our site. 

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