How a Howard County child custody lawyer can help with divorce

Maryland residents who are facing a complicated or contentious divorce can benefit from the assistance of a Howard County child custody lawyer. It is especially important to have legal support from a Howard County child custody lawyer when a divorce promises to be contentious, or spouses are unable to agree on child custody or support issues. Securing legal counsel should be the first step of any individual who wishes to fight for child custody.

A recent celebrity divorce emphasizes how important it can be to have a lawyer, even before the legal process commences. Chris Rock recently filed for divorce from his wife of almost two decades. He claims that his wife is trying to punish him by preventing visitation with his two children. In preparation for a visitation and custody battle, he has asked for shared physical and legal custody.

Before Mr. Rock filed for divorce, all community property of the marriage was identified. Presumably, this was done in an effort to make the division of marital property easier for both parties. With the help of legal counsel, an individual or couple can begin to discuss these issues before divorce papers are filed. The comedian has also stated that his wife is able to work, perhaps in hopes of reducing the amount of spousal support that he may be required to pay.

Mr. and Mrs. Rock did have a prenuptial agreement when they married, but it is now invalid because of the length of the marriage. When any couple, no matter the income level, is preparing for a divorce, it is worthwhile to secure legal counsel to prepare for some of the more complex issues ahead. If one spouse is using the children against the other or there are custody issues, a Howard County child custody lawyer can provide the support and guidance needed to navigate this difficult process.

Source:, “Chris Rock Divorce — Blasts Wife … You Can’t Keep Our Kids From Me”, Dec. 30, 2014

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