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Military service doesn’t preclude you from child custody

Members of the military have a hard job to do. The hours are sometimes crazy and the frequent moves make it hard…

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Leaving a child at home can impact ongoing custody proceedings

When you are going through a divorce with children or other custody battle, it can seem like every single thing you do…

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Child custody has evolved considerably

Children who have divorced parents must be the focus of both parents. It isn’t acceptable for a parent to try to pit…

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Proper preparation is key in child custody modification

Preparation is the key when you are in the midst of a child custody battle that is going through mediation in Maryland.…

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Start making summer plans for your child now

The school year is almost over, which means that many children will get to enjoy summer vacation. If you and your child’s…

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How can I work with my ex to solve child custody issues?

One of the possible ways that child custody issues can be solved is by you and your ex working together to find…

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Summer vacations: Tips for separated or divorced parents

Soon, kids will be out of school and ready to start their summer vacations. Parents who are separated or divorced often find…

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Visitation can lead to feeling like a visitor

Do you feel as though you’re just a visitor in your kids’ lives? This is often the case with a divorced parent…

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Circumstances sometimes dictate the need for custody orders

Issues dealing with child custody are very personal matters that must be taken seriously because of the effects they can have on…

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Modifications of child custody and support are sometimes possible

As we discussed in our previous blog post, child support is a very important factor for children who have parents that don’t…

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What is mediation for child custody cases?

Many parents who are going through a child custody battle often want to make things as easy as possible. One way that…

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Holiday custody agreements should be worked out early

The holiday season is coming up quickly. For families that still have both parents living under the same roof, the holiday schedule…

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What is really best for your child in terms of child custody?

When most people think of the phrase “child custody,” it usually brings to mind long, drawn-out court battles, children used as pawns…

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Changing child custody orders requires a modification

Child custody and visitation orders are made in the best interests of the child. As children grow older or situations change, the…

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Virtual visitation is a supplement to in-person visitation

Being a parent isn’t an easy job. When you don’t live near your children, that difficulty is often increased. You might wish…

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Military parents: Know child custody rights and responsibilities

In two of our recent posts, we discussed some very important things to consider when you are in the midst of a…

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What should a family care plan include?

Members of the military who are single parents or who have custody of a child must create a family care plan. This…

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Child custody cases can increase stress on the children

Child custody is one of the aspects of divorce that is very emotional. Parents usually want to assert their own preferences when…

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What should I do if my ex kidnaps my child?

While many parents are afraid of a stranger abducting their child, this horrible nightmare can turn into a reality for some, except…

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How does parental substance abuse affect children?

While many parents during a divorce are focused on gaining custody of their children, there are some situations where one parent has…

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