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Know how to make joint custody a bit easier

Having a child with someone means that you are tied to that person, even if your marriage ends. Child custody cases can…

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Don’t let your child’s sleep suffer during a divorce

Everyone involved can feel the stress that comes along with a divorce. This includes the children. Somewhere between 20 to 30 percent…

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Work out child custody matters now to make the future easier

Child support and custody are separate matters. This means that a parent can’t withhold child support if they can’t see the child…

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Can you turn supervised visitation into a benefit?

If you’ve been suddenly slapped with an order for supervised visitation because your spouse alleges that you are neglectful, dangerous or abusive,…

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In all custody cases, the child’s best interests are the priority

We recently discussed how rapists in Maryland can still petition the court for custody of their children. Even though this might seem…

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Maryland rapists can still sue for custody, hold up adoptions

A bill that would have protected the victims of rape who conceived during the assault has failed to pass in Maryland —…

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Keep your child protected with the help of a child custody order

We recently discussed what happens when a parent abducts a child. This situation is very scary for the parent who is left…

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What happens when a parent absconds with a child?

Child custody orders should keep your children safe and moving between your home and your ex’s home on a predictable schedule. When…

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Mediation can resolve child custody and other divorce issues

We recently discussed how you can take charge of your new life by taking steps to avoid letting your divorce get you…

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Think carefully about child custody modifications

In a recent blog post, we discussed how you need to make vacation plans early if you have a child custody agreement…

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Child custody: Make spring break plans now to avoid issues later

Spring break is a busy time when many families in Maryland opt to head south to an area that is a bit…

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Be sure your child custody agreement is solid

You already know that your child isn’t an object that can be passed back and forth, but it can often seem that…

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What should be included in a child custody agreement?

Child custody agreements are often worked out between parents so that the child doesn’t have to live in limbo while the parents…

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Put your child first during the custody battle

Child custody issues are a hot topic around the holidays. In some cases, absent parents seem to reappear when the holiday season…

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Child custody conflicts can be settled in various ways

As we discussed in one of our blog posts this week, co-parenting isn’t always easy. There are times when you and your…

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Co-parenting isn’t easy, but it needs to work for the child

Parents who are going through a child custody case will often find themselves in a heated battle. Each parent wants what he…

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Do half of marriages end in divorce?

The statistic that 50 percent of marriages will eventually end in divorce is often quoted as fact, but is this really accurate?…

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What are some considerations for special needs and custody?

Adults who have children have to think about the children if they opt to get a divorce. Coming to an agreement about…

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Your child is who matters in a child custody case

Matters that have to do with your children are likely to be taken very seriously. When the issues that are occurring are…

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2 ways to obtain a child custody order in Maryland

You and your child’s other parent might have parted ways, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have to deal with each…

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