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Be sure your child custody agreement is solid

You already know that your child isn’t an object that can be passed back and forth, but it can often seem that way when you are dealing with a child custody agreement. Even though it might feel that way, you have to ensure that the agreement spells out what is best for your child.

As we discussed in a previous blog post, the contents of a child custody agreement are vital. The more detailed the agreement is, the better. Even the best planned child custody agreement won’t always have the answers to the issues that come up. This means that you and your ex might have to come back together and try to work things out about your child.

Generally, it is best that you and your ex work through issues together. The two of you have an intimate knowledge of what your child needs and wants. This means that you can take that knowledge into account when you are making decisions for your child.

If you do have to turn to the court for help making decisions about your child, you should remember that the court doesn’t have that same knowledge about your child. This could mean that even though the court has your child’s best interests at heart, the decisions made might not truly be what is best for your child.

We can help you learn about ways that you can work through child custody issues. Knowing what options are available enables you to make the choices based on that information. Once you know what you want to do, we can help you exercise those options.

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