What happens when a parent absconds with a child?

Child custody orders should keep your children safe and moving between your home and your ex’s home on a predictable schedule. When either party doesn’t comply with the child custody order, issues can arise. One issue that is particularly troubling is when your ex doesn’t return your child to you on schedule and without notice.

What is parental abduction?

Parental abduction occurs when one parent doesn’t show up at the custody exchange with the child. Typically, the parent who is keeping the child leaves and doesn’t let people know where they are. This is an especially troubling circumstance that can lead to local, state and federal authorities becoming involved in the case to find the child.

What can I do if my ex abducts my child?

You should contact the appropriate authorities, which is your local police department in most cases. This can start the official search for your child. You might also opt to launch a search on your own with the help of a private investigator.

How can I prevent future abduction issues?

Child custody modification is likely going to be necessary after a parental abduction. You need to take steps to protect your child in an effort to ensure that abduction doesn’t occur again. In many cases, the court will take a harsh stance against parents who abduct a child. The court might even eliminate your ex’s parental rights.

Parental abduction is a very serious matter. You must ensure that you know your rights if this occurs. This includes your right to seek a modification of the child custody order if your ex absconds with your child in violation of the current child custody order.

Source: FindLaw, “What Legal Remedies are Available if a Parent Abducts a Child?,” accessed March 29, 2017

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