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Helping shed some light on the all-important issue of child custody — III

In today’s post, we’ll continue our ongoing discussion of how child custody works here in Maryland and the issues that may come…

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Helping shed some light on the all-important issue of child custody — II

Last week, our blog published the first post in an ongoing series dedicated to providing divorcing parents with insight into how child…

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Helping shed some light on the all-important issue of child custody

When heading into the unfamiliar territory of a divorce, it’s understandable how people would want to learn as much as possible about…

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Can parents decide their own child custody arrangement?

Raising a child is an absolutely joy, but that does not mean that daily life is easy. It is a complicated mess…

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Gender and child custody outcomes

The way we decide child custody decisions in Maryland is gradually evolving. While the assumption is that courts automatically award the mother…

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If you would like to learn more about divorce, we’re here to help

In just a few days, people across the country will be opening cards, exchanging gifts and going out to dinner to celebrate…

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Shedding some light on the divorce process here in Maryland — II

In January, our blog discussed how many people understand the final result of divorce but are nevertheless lacking a firm comprehension of…

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How a Howard County child custody lawyer can help with divorce

Maryland residents who are facing a complicated or contentious divorce can benefit from the assistance of a Howard County child custody lawyer.…

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Have you seriously considered how effective a prenup can be?

When a couple makes the decision to get married, things will suddenly get very busy once the initial celebrations with family and…

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Why skilled representation is so vital in same-sex custody cases

No matter how prepared a person may be, going through a divorce will more than likely prove to be a rather draining…

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The importance of looking after your assets during divorce

Once a person arrives at the understandably difficult decision to pursue a divorce, they often want the matter to proceed as smoothly…

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Mobile paternity testing site takes Baltimore by storm

An RV owned by a DNA and drug testing company may have caught the eyes of many Baltimore residents with its catchphrase,…

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Are child custody issues taken as seriously as child support?

If Maryland is like the rest of the country, then fathers in this state are more likely to be a noncustodial parent…

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Joint custody may be hard to avoid in Maryland

Depending on the circumstances in which people find themselves, it may be really good news or really bad news that some Maryland…

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Do Maryland parents with an obese child deserve to lose custody?

Marylanders are likely aware of the recent increased attention to the problem of childhood obesity. Obesity in a child can lead to…

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Debate ensues over fathers’ rights in paternity cases

A lively debate over the custody rights of unwed fathers is going on in another state. Maryland readers may want to pay…

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Big Bird and company will talk divorce with Maryland kids

With about 40 percent of marriages ending in divorce, many younger children no doubt will have questions about the subject, especially if…

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Maryland judge gives custody of embryos to wife

A Maryland family law judge overseeing a couple’s divorce has awarded custody of nine frozen embryos to a woman against the wishes…

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Maryland proposal would bar certain sex offenders from custody

Under current Maryland child custody laws, a parent who sexually abuses a child may still have custody and unrestricted parenting time with…

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Internet playing larger role in Maryland adoptions

When a Maryland couple who turned to a nearby adoption agency for help found out that they may have to wait for…

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