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Mobile paternity testing site takes Baltimore by storm

An RV owned by a DNA and drug testing company may have caught the eyes of many Baltimore residents with its catchphrase, “Who’s your daddy?” painted brightly on the sides of the vehicle.

The company takes this RV to Baltimore once a month to offer people an opportunity to determine their biological background for certain. While some use these services for other reasons, the services that this company provides may help a father establish custody and visit with his child. Some men, working with or without a fathers’ rights lawyer, may have been wondering for years if their child is biologically their own. Supporters of the New York-based company’s effort say that a child has a right to know who his or her biological father is.

Still, some experts in family law criticize the mobile DNA lab, saying that the results may be particularly traumatic for children who believed that the man with whom they shared their lives is not their biological father. Results have also left spouses who discovered an affair feeling understandably hurt and traumatized.

Still, with the number of DNA tests rising sharply over the last two decades, the DNA testing company sees no harm in creating public awareness and promoting a conversation. While the company says that relatively few people actually get a test done at the RV, many go away talking about the experience.

As many Maryland fathers may know already, however, establishing paternity is only the first step in developing a relationship with one’s child. Once paternity is established, a dad will have to make the necessary arrangements for custody, visitation and support. A Howard County child custody lawyer can be of valuable assistance in this respect.

Source:, “Paternity tests taken to the streets,” Aug. 6, 2013

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