What is mediation for child custody cases?

Many parents who are going through a child custody battle often want to make things as easy as possible. One way that you might be able to reduce the stress during the process is to use mediation to come up with a child custody agreement instead of having to hash everything out in the courtroom.

What is mediation?

Mediation occurs when you and your child’s other parent try to work together to get the child custody agreement ironed out. When you use mediation, you both get to have input in what happens during the process. This is often a preferred option because it is often less expensive and less time consuming than having to go through the court process.

Who handles the mediation?

The mediation process is handled by a person who is a neutral third party. This person’s sole job is to help both parties work through the negotiations about the child custody. The mediator doesn’t have any interest in either party over the other party.

Do I have to have contact with the other parent?

You don’t have to have contact with the other parent. Instead, the mediator can go back and forth between you and the other party to get the negotiations done. The mediator will use his or her skill to get things accomplished.

As you go through the mediation process, make sure that you keep your child as the focus. You shouldn’t try to push certain aspects of the mediation process just because you want to make things difficult for the other parent. Instead, make sure that you give your child the best agreement possible.

Source: FindLaw, “Child Custody Mediation FAQ,” accessed Jan. 29, 2016

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