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Military parents: Know child custody rights and responsibilities

In two of our recent posts, we discussed some very important things to consider when you are in the midst of a child custody case. In one, we discussed how child custody cases place a lot of stress on the child. In the other, we discussed how military parents going through child custody battles and those who have child custody orders in place should have a family care plan in place. Both of those posts show how in depth child custody matters can be.

We are here to help you as you go through a child custody battle. If you are in the military, you have a lot on your plate already. Not only do you have to think about your child, you also have to worry about being deployed and meeting your military duties with military bearing, no matter what is going on with your personal life.

We are familiar with some of the unique aspects of child custody for military parents. We can help you to understand your rights, including those given to you under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. We can answer your questions and help you to come up with a plan for dealing with whatever issues you face.

If you need to draft legal documentation for your family care plan, we can help you with that. We can help you to determine what documentation you need to cover aspects of your child’s care that might arise if you are sent out on a no-notice deployment, a long-term deployment, a short-term exercise or any other military maneuvers that call you away from your child.

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