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What is a home study during the adoption process?

When you are considering adopting a child, you will have to have a home study done. The thought of a home study is something that is worrisome for some people. Having a basic understanding of what a home study entails might help you to feel less stress as you embark on the process.

What is the purpose of a home study?

A home study is done to ensure that the adoptive family can provide a safe environment for the child. Home studies are also used to ensure that children are placed with compatible families who can meet their needs.

Who has to have a home study?

Anyone who is adopting a child has to have a home study. The method of adopting doesn’t matter. That means that people who are adopting through licensed private agencies, adoption facilitators, state agencies and any other methods will all have to complete a home study if they want to adopt a child.

Are background checks done as part of the home study?

Background checks are done as part of the home study. The prospective adoptive parent or parents will have a criminal background check done on them. Additionally, any other adult who is living in the home where the adoptive child will live must have a background check done.

Don’t let the thought of a home study stop you from trying to adopt a child. If you are considering an adoption, you should explore the various types of adoptions that are available. You should also work to understand the adoption process that is used in Maryland.

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