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Holiday custody agreements should be worked out early

The holiday season is coming up quickly. For families that still have both parents living under the same roof, the holiday schedule might involve some juggling, but only when trying to fit in all the desired activities. For families that include divorced parents, the holiday season has an even more difficult scheduling factor — child custody schedules.

Parents who are divorced should collaborate early on their plans for the holiday. Even if the child custody agreement has a holiday schedule, some of the finer points of the holiday season might need to be determined.

When you are working with your child’s other parent, you need to make sure that you get all the agreements in writing if you think that there might be an issue with the terms in the future. This can help you to ensure that you understand the way custody matters will be handled. It also helps if there are future scheduling conflicts.

Another advantage to solidifying your holiday child custody agreement is that you can start to prepare your child for what will happen during the holiday season. This can help children who need time to adjust in order to feel more comfortable and less stressed during a season that should be filled with joy.

In some cases, child custody issues might not be able to be resolved. In those cases, going to court might be necessary to get the child custody schedule set. Making sure that you understand your rights, the options in your case and the possible outcomes can help you manage your holiday child custody scheduling arrangements.

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