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How are traffic violations in Maryland prosecuted?

When a person is convicted of a traffic violation in Maryland, points are assessed to his or her driver’s license. The number…

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Drivers must observe new “move over” law

Maryland drivers should be aware that in October 2013, the state passed a “move over” law. The purpose of the law is…

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Man faces manslaughter, theft and traffic violations after crash

A Maryland man suspected of being involved in a fatal car accident in which two people lost their lives has been arrested.…

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Memorial weekend is prime time for traffic violations

The weekend before Memorial Day is a perfect opportunity for Maryland families to kick off the summer. Because school is almost done…

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Insult to injury? Maryland pedestrian hit by car, faces charges

During the early hours of a recent morning, a pedestrian attempted to cross a highway and was struck by a vehicle. After…

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Maryland lawmakers extend license law for undocumented immigrants

For any number of reasons, drivers can be cited for driving without a valid license. However, undocumented immigrants are at particular risk…

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What is the purpose of Maryland’s traffic cameras?

As readers of this blog likely know, the issue of speed cameras in the Baltimore area has been a frequent topic of…

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Baltimore court passes on speed-camera charges

For many drivers, receiving a traffic violation is more than just a mere inconvenience. If a person has a commercial driver’s license…

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Technology versus Maryland’s traffic cameras

Baltimore and the rest of Maryland has had red light cameras since 1997 and speeding cameras since 2007. It would be a…

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Routine traffic stop results in theft charges

It is not an uncommon occurrence for a routine traffic stop in Baltimore to result in criminal charges totally unrelated to the…

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More cameras net more traffic violators, Baltimore study says

For most of us in Baltimore, a traffic violation may seem relatively minor in comparison to a drunk driving ticket. However, traffic…

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Maryland reveals effects of new teen driving laws

Do you remember what it was like to be a new driver? You were probably either completely stoked to have gained a…

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Baltimore accident gives new meaning to “crash course” in driving

We have seen it before in movies, but very few of us have ever lived it. A crash into a body of…

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Maryland law will increase penalties after fatal bike crashes

Knowing the laws of Maryland is important because that knowledge can save you from getting into legal trouble. Also, knowledge is power…

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Elderly driver cited for traffic violations after Maryland crash

When we envision someone who has caused a serious traffic accident, we usually don’t think of an 83-year-old woman who has donated…

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Harsh Maryland cell phone law would threaten freedom and work

The Maryland House of Delegates recently voted on a piece of legislation that would make talking on a cell phone while driving…

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Mandatory seat belts could become new Maryland traffic law

Sure, drivers, front seat passengers and children are currently required to wear seat belts, but the law could be about to change…

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Maryland Senator Wants Speed Cameras Used for Safety, Not Revenue

Speed cameras. Are they effective means of protecting the public from reckless driving, or are they mere money makers? That’s been an…

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Baltimore Ravens’ First Draft Pick Charged with Drunk Driving

Holiday DUI task forces have been on the roads throughout the entire country over the past month. And last weekend, a Baltimore…

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New Speeding Camera At Work On Maryland Highway

Some in the state of Maryland worry that “Big Brother” is among resident drivers now that cameras are replacing officers at certain…

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