Baltimore court passes on speed-camera charges

For many drivers, receiving a traffic violation is more than just a mere inconvenience. If a person has a commercial driver’s license or has a record of traffic violations, his or her licensure could be in jeopardy with another conviction. Recently, one Baltimore man was likely relieved when a court dismissed unfair charges brought against him.

The Maryland man came to court to contest a charge that was the result of an incident caught on a speed camera. According to authorities, the man failed to stop at an intersection. In reality, however, the man brought his vehicle to a complete stop and photographic evidence confirmed his side of the story.

Not only was the man accused of failing to stop at an intersection, but a Baltimore police officer certified the traffic violation. The charges stuck even though all evidence pointed toward the man’s innocence.

When he attempted to contest the charges in court, the judge initially declined to watch the video that proved he actually stopped at the intersection. Thankfully, the case and charges were dismissed shortly thereafter.

Nothing is more frustrating than having to take the time to fight a completely invalid charge. Although the man was forced to confront the allegations, justice eventually prevailed.

Not all traffic violation cases are as clear cut as this one. However, those accused of violating traffic laws are still entitled to the same legal rights as those accused of more serious crimes. When a person is on the verge of sustaining serious legal, financial or professional consequences as the result of a traffic ticket, there are ways to ensure they are treated fairly under the law.

Source: Baltimore Sun, “Speed camera violation case is dismissed,” Ian Duncan, Dec. 14, 2012

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