Insult to injury? Maryland pedestrian hit by car, faces charges

During the early hours of a recent morning, a pedestrian attempted to cross a highway and was struck by a vehicle. After sustaining injuries, the Maryland man stumbled away from the scene. After police located the man, they decided charge the man with traffic violations for illegally crossing the road.

According to reports, the 24-year-old man crossed the highway without adhering to traffic signals. Shortly after stepping into the road, the young man was struck by the motor vehicle. Both the driver and pedestrian were admtitted to the hospital after the incident, but the driver was quickly sent home.

Reports indicate that the man was eventually found at a local hotel with injuries. A hotel staff member contacted police to say that a man arrived and was bleeding. Eventually, cops connected him to the pedestrian accident.

At this point, it’s not entirely clear why the pedestrian left the scene of the accident. Cops noted that the man may have been intoxicated when he was trying to get across the road, which could have influenced the decision to pursue charges for a pedestrian violation.

As the traffic-related charges move forward, it may be worthwhile for the man to consider his legal options. Part of a strategy could be to investigate the entirety of the incident to determine whether or not the pedestrian violations are valid. Additionally, an inquiry could help develop a defense strategy. A conviction on a single traffic violation can create financial hardship, but it could cuase deeper legal issues for those who have a history of such violations.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “After being hit by car, pedestrian in O.C. charged with ill egally crossing road,” May 12, 2013

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