Routine traffic stop results in theft charges

It is not an uncommon occurrence for a routine traffic stop in Baltimore to result in criminal charges totally unrelated to the original traffic stop. A burned out taillight can turn into a drunk driving arrest. An expired license plate tab can become a drug charge. Or a speeding ticket can have driving with a suspended license tacked on.

Recently, a traffic violation resulted in additional charges. A 29-year-old man from Arnold was pulled over for a traffic violation and ended up being charged with theft charges.

According to news sources, the vehicle driven by the 29-year-old matched the description of a vehicle that had been spotted on surveillance video near vehicular break-ins in the Crofton area.

The 29-year-old allowed the police to search his car after they pulled him over. The police claim that they found burglary tools in the man’s car in addition to an iPad 2 that had been stolen from a car in Gambrills.

How a burglary tool could be differentiated from any other tool might be difficult for the Anne Arundel police or prosecution to prove. For example, a sledge hammer can be used to break down a door as well as break up a concrete floor. A car unlocking tool is sold at auto stores as a safety device, not as a burglary tool.

How the 29-year-old came into possession of the iPad 2 could also be questioned. Possession of stolen property does not necessarily mean that someone knew that it was stolen property.

As with all criminal charges, the 29-year-old is innocent until proven guilty beyond any reasonable doubt.

Source: WBAL, “Man Charged With Theft After Traffic Stop,” Anne Kramer, Sept. 17, 2012

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