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Elderly driver cited for traffic violations after Maryland crash

When we envision someone who has caused a serious traffic accident, we usually don’t think of an 83-year-old woman who has donated money to various reputable organizations. But as a recent case involving a bike accident proves, all types of people make mistakes and can be cited for serious traffic violations.

In February, the elderly suspect was driving when she reportedly crashed into a 20-year-old bicyclist. Though the victim has survived his injuries, he is still in critical condition, suffering from a severe brain injury. His family is relieved that the state has decided against filing criminal charges in the Baltimore case.

According to The Baltimore Sun, in an incident that led to such significant injuries, the liable driver could have faced a felony charge. But authorities reportedly couldn’t find that the driver caused the accident out of gross negligence.

Instead of facing a criminal charge, the driver has been issued tickets for traffic violations, including negligent driving and failure to yield to a bicyclist in a bike lane. The fact that the victim in this case was a bicyclist has stirred up the community, since bicycle safety has been a recent focus in the state.

To resolve the traffic violations, the driver will have to pay a fine of up to $500 per violation. She, however, is also the target of the victim’s family in a civil suit, seeking compensation to cover the victim’s medical expenses.


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