Baltimore police arrest child following assault on his grandmother

Authorities are looking into a bizarre and tragic event in the lives of a young man, his grandmother and their otherwise peaceful community. Allegedly, a mere 14-year-old nearly ended his grandmother’s life when he hit her with a hammer in their home. The Baltimore Sun reports that the young man made the 911 call and confessed to the assault. Police continue to investigate the startling case.

Investigators will proceed with the duty of finding out the cause behind the alleged assault. The child’s grandmother survived the incident but is in critical condition. Following his confession, the young defendant was charged – as an adult – with various crimes, including attempted first-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder, first-degree assault, second-degree assault and more.

When so much effort is extended by our society to help young people gain a strong foothold toward their adult life, stories such as this are unwelcome at best. This boy has no criminal history or other reported history of suspicious, violent behavior. He’s always gotten good grades in school.

Sources report that a public defender has suggested that the boy is suffering from undiagnosed mental issues. While the investigation continues, the boy is being monitored, as his attorney worries the child might be suicidal following the traumatic incident.

The assault of this elderly woman is tragic. But the juvenile behind this crime deserves special consideration when it comes to seeking justice in the aftermath. He is just a child, and if he is ultimately charged as an adult or not given the thorough, compassionate attention he now needs during the legal process, the system will diminish the possibility of him ever becoming a healthy, contributing member of society.


The Baltimore Sun: “Boy, 14, charged as adult in hammer attack on grandmother,” Justin Fenton, 1 Apr. 2011

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