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‘Drug deals on wheels’ gets doctor arrested

It’s hard not to notice that the entire country is in the midst of a prescription drug panic — caused largely by…

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Baltimore officers plant evidence, destroy dozens of cases

A drug case may rest entirely on the testimony of the officers involved in the bust — which is why a smart…

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The drug epidemic is claiming lives at an alarming rate

The problem of deaths related to drug abuse is something that is very serious. In fact, this is one of the driving…

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Maryland takes new steps to stop opioid and heroin epidemic

Maryland’s government has announced a new Heroin and Opioid Prevention, Treatment, and Enforcement Initiative for 2017, an ambitious and broadly-sweeping approach to…

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Prescription pill trafficking: A quick road to federal court

What turns a drug trafficking crime into a federal offense? While there are several different ways that drug crimes can be elevated…

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Drug trafficking in Maryland can lead to serious penalties

Transporting drugs can lead to drug trafficking charges if you are transporting a considerable amount. Drug trafficking charges in Maryland can lead…

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$62,000 worth of heroin found in Maryland car stop

A car stop on I-95 in Baltimore ended in the arrest of three men for multiple charges, including charges for drugs. the…

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Woman overdoses, police arrest man who allegedly sold her drugs

A 45-year-old man in Glen Burnie, Maryland, has been arrested after police served a search warrant on his residence. The police seized…

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3 men arrested for possession with intent to distribute heroin

Heroin is making a fast comeback into our society, in part due to the difficulty some users experience in getting their hands…

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$5,326 worth of marijuana allegedly found on Glen Burnie man

Police are required to have probable cause to stop a vehicle. If it is found that no probable cause existed, it is…

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What are the penalties for drug trafficking in Maryland?

It is no secret that facing drug charges in Maryland means that you are facing some very serious penalties. Drug trafficking is…

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Man sentenced to 7 years in prison in crack cocaine case

A man has been sentenced to over seven years in prison after he pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute crack…

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Under HB 222, dealing deadly doses of heroin, fentanyl means prison

As we’ve discussed on our blog before, heroin and synthetic opiates like fentanyl have created a public health crisis here in Maryland.…

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SCOTUS: Traffic stops based on officer mistakes are permissible

Do law enforcement officials violate the Fourth Amendment rights of motorists when they initiate a traffic stop based on a misunderstanding of…

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Father and son face serious drug charges in Anne Arundel

Two individuals — a father and a son — were recently arrested. Anne Arundel County authorities are calling the arrest a "large-scale"…

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14 arrested in a neighborhood on drug trafficking charges

After the authorities executed numerous search and seizure warrants in a Baltimore neighborhood, 14 people were arrested. The Maryland authorities suspect these…

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Maryland officer charged with racketeering, drug trafficking ring

In American society, the average citizen holds this country’s men and women serving as law enforcement officers to a higher moral standard…

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Maryland man arrested for alleged drug trafficking

When a person is accused of drug trafficking, it can be a fearful experience. However severe a drug charge may be, the…

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Ocean City flooded with heroin trafficking

When Maryland law enforcement sees an increase in a particular sort of crime — heroin trafficking for example — they attempt to…

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Baltimore drug roundup results in charges against 24

Increasing crime has been an increasing problem in Baltimore of late and the police apparently intend to do something about it. A…

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