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3 men arrested for possession with intent to distribute heroin

Heroin is making a fast comeback into our society, in part due to the difficulty some users experience in getting their hands on opioids or having enough money to buy the pain pills. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heroin use among 18 to 25-year-olds increased more than 50 percent.

According to police, three men were arrested during a traffic stop for charges related to the possession with intent to distribute heroin. A spokesman for the Anne Arundel County police said around 45 bags of heroin were located. In addition, he said that 71 Suboxone strips were also found. This is a medication that heroin addicts will take in excess to achieve a high similar to heroin. There was also around $560 in cash allegedly found. It’s estimated that the drugs had a value of almost $3,300.

When faced with possession with intent to distribute, the possible penalties are more severe than a simple possession charge someone might face for having a small amount for personal use. The penalties can include heavy fines and prison time. It’s important to face heroin-related charges head-on, with an experienced attorney by your side.

When it comes to developing a defense against such charges, you should remember that the prosecution has to prove that you were in possession of the drugs and that you planned on distributing them. This must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

The prosecution might offer you a plea bargain. This will need to be discussed at length with your attorney. Not everyone will benefit from a plea deal. Your lawyer can help you learn more about it and if it is the right choice for your case.

Source: Capital Gazette, “Police seize $3,300 in drugs, arrest three in Glen Burnie,” Ben Weathers, Jan. 07, 2016

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