14 arrested in a neighborhood on drug trafficking charges

After the authorities executed numerous search and seizure warrants in a Baltimore neighborhood, 14 people were arrested. The Maryland authorities suspect these people of being a part of two separate drug trafficking organizations. This neighborhood has allegedly been targeted for illegal activities for several years.

What led the authorities to suspect these residents in this four-block area is unclear, and it is also unclear what evidence the authorities had in order to obtain search warrants. Nevertheless, indictments were handed down for 16 people, and the police executed 10 search warrants that resulted in the arrests of 14 individuals. These individuals are suspected of being connected with two different drug trafficking organizations; both organizations reportedly trafficked heroin, but one also allegedly trafficked cocaine.

In total, the officers purportedly seized two weapons and over $1,000 in cash. They also allegedly seized 98 grams plus 50 baggies of marijuana, 13 baggies of cocaine and 7 grams plus four baggies of heroin. The people arrested, varying in age from 19 to 51, face various drug, weapon and parole charges, but the exact charges were not reported.

Despite the fact that this Maryland neighborhood has been targeted for illegal activities for multiple years, that in no way establishes that the 14 accused individuals are guilty. As the drug trafficking allegations make their way to court, the prosecution will have to present sufficient evidence to uphold each of the charges against each individual, which could prove to be a difficult task. If sufficient evidence is not found in all cases, then it is possible that some, or even all, of the charges against the affected individuals could be dropped or reduced.

Source: wbaltv.com, 14 people arrested in sweep of northwest neighborhood, Saliqa Khan, March 5, 2014

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