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Drug trafficking in Maryland can lead to serious penalties

Transporting drugs can lead to drug trafficking charges if you are transporting a considerable amount. Drug trafficking charges in Maryland can lead to serious penalties that are life-altering. With the possible penalties that are associated with a conviction, you must be sure that you are working on your defense as early and as diligently as possible. We can help you explore the strategies that might apply to your case.

In the case of trafficking heroin, you can face 20 to 40 years in prison if you are classified as a drug kingpin. That shows you how serious these types of charges are in Maryland. Even if you aren’t facing a penalty that includes multiple decades in prison, you should still be ready to present a strong defense. You should prepare to go to trial even if you are hoping to be able to work out a plea bargain.

When it comes to defending yourself against a drug trafficking charge, there are several elements to consider. In some cases, the prosecution will rely at least partially on witness testimony to make the case against you. Understanding how to handle witness testimony if your case goes to a trial is very important.

It is crucial that we start working on your case as early as possible. There are some instances in which you might know that drug charges are going to be heading your way. In that case, we can help you to start getting your defense together right away. We will also help to ensure that your interests and rights are being protected from the initial stages of your case until the end.

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