The drug epidemic is claiming lives at an alarming rate

The problem of deaths related to drug abuse is something that is very serious. In fact, this is one of the driving forces behind why states are spending so much money and putting so much time into stopping the sale of drugs. One drug in particular, fentanyl, is causing a serious health crisis around this area.

Fentanyl is 50 times stronger than heroin. It is a deadly drug that can cause victims to succumb quickly. Oftentimes, this drug is added to street drugs without the person who is using the drug ever knowing. This is another factor that makes so deadly.

A billboard in Maryland notes that of the 96 overdoses of residents this year, 15 were fatal. These are 15 people who probably wouldn’t have died yet if they didn’t have access to the drugs that killed them. But, who is really to blame for these deaths — the people who willingly took the drug or the people who manufactured or sold the drugs?

While it didn’t happen in Maryland, a news story about an 11-year-old girl who had to be revived from an overdose appeared on May 4. Narcan had to be used to try to counteract the heroin that the girl overdosed on. The most recent update on the girl noted that she was in critical condition. Her parents said that they didn’t know the girl was addicted to the drug.

When you think about these harrowing facts, you can see why governments around the country are taking a harsh stance against street drugs, including those that are laced with other drugs. For the men and women who are facing these charges, fighting them is often crucial since these charges are usually felony charges with severe penalties.

Source: The Crime Report, “States Take Action on Worsening Fentanyl Problem,” May 08, 2017

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