Maryland officer charged with racketeering, drug trafficking ring

In American society, the average citizen holds this country’s men and women serving as law enforcement officers to a higher moral standard than themselves. However, these men and women are human, and they are capable of making mistakes and poor decisions just like the rest of the population. One such corrections officer has been arrested for allegedly making very poor decisions. Under the terms of her plea deal, a Maryland corrections officer has plead guilty to racketeering in relation to an alleged drug trafficking ring that took place at the jail where she worked.

The 25-year-old officer had a romantic relationship with a leader in the Black Guerilla Family gang member, and in 2012 she had his child while he was incarcerated at the detention center where she worked. At this time, she allegedly helped to smuggle drugs and phones to inmates. While she did not provide exact dates and times of her actions, she did confirm that the actions were representative of her activities, according to her plea deal.

Supposedly, this officer is not the only one who was involved in this scheme. Reportedly, 13 other female officers, including one who also had a child by the same gang member, have been indicted on similar charges. The officer faces up to 20 years in prison for her crimes.

Most likely, the plea deal is why she was only charged with racketeering, and the maximum of 20 year sentence is actually an improvement on what her charges could have been. This officer could have been charged with several drug charges such as drug trafficking, but instead she only faces the racketeering charge. While not every case will get the option for a plea deal, Maryland professionals in criminal law are available to provide a fair and unbiased criminal defense to help one in the best way for one’s specific case.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, Second corrections officer pleads guilty in jail gang case, Ian Duncan, Sept. 17, 2013

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