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Maryland domestic violence laws intended to protect victims

Maryland domestic violence laws are in place to prevent and stop domestic violence from occurring or continuing. To ensure these laws are not violated and that violators are punished, Maryland residents can find recourse in the legal system set up to protect their rights.

Recently a heavily armed man was arrested and charged with attempted murder after attacking his wife, from whom he is estranged. The 49-year-old assailant allegedly confronted his 24-year-old wife after she had left him three days earlier because of what she says was consistent abuse. The wife had left the couple’s four-year-old child in the custody of her husband.

Armed with three butter knives and with the child in tow, the man forced his way into the home where his wife was staying. In one of the more serious cases that arise, the man assaulted and threatened to kill his wife, also threatening two other women who were at the location. The man was arrested and now faces numerous charges including attempted second degree murder and assault.

Maryland residents should not consider waiting as threats escalate and events lead to the kinds of cases that violate Maryland domestic violence laws. These types of incidents happen regularly throughout the state and often without warning. An Anne Arundel County Domestic Violence Lawyer can assist a person attempting to protect themselves and their loved ones with filing a restraining order to prevent the abusive person from approaching the victim.

There are several types of filings that can be made to maintain safety for an abused person who is in fear of someone who is violating Maryland domestic violence laws. It may make sense to approach an attorney to determine how to take the first few steps to getting protection from an abuser.

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