Maryland waste vegetable oil company owner charged with theft

In the past few decades, America has taken a turn towards recycling and conservation. Different companies dedicated to recycling and reusing certain materials have surfaced, and many of them have also profited financially while also helping the environment. However, one such Maryland company that dealt with the recycling of waste vegetable oil has recently come under police scrutiny as its owner has been charged with theft.

The 37-year-old owner entered into a plea deal in the U.S. District Court in Baltimore. Under the plea deal, he admitted to making almost $100,000 for selling over 94,000 of vegetable oil that was allegedly stolen. This crime allegedly occurred last year over a nine-month time period.

In 2010, the man founded his own waste vegetable oil recycling business, bought a truck that he could use to transport the oil, hired a salesman and eventually acquired about 650 contracts. He then supposedly began to steal oil as well, and he sold both legal and stolen waste vegetable oil to fuel companies in other states. Under the plea deal, the owner faces up to ten years in prison for his charges of theft and transporting stolen property.

Even those who have just causes such as recycling and helping the planet can succumb to greed just like any other American. In this man’s case, taking the plea deal could have been his best defense against his theft charges. Maryland professionals in criminal law are available to assist with one’s criminal defense in the hopes of choosing the best defense for each particular case.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, Guilty plea in stolen waste vegetable oil case, TImothy B. Wheeler, Sept. 23, 2013

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