Maryland woman admits first-degree assault charges in plea deal

As human beings, we are all prone to getting emotional, and sometimes, those emotions get the better of us. Certain situations that can make one angry such as being antagonized, being treated poorly or going through a break up can make one angry and emotional and cloud our logical judgment. Recently, a Maryland woman going through a break up got very angry and emotional when she saw her ex, and now she has admitted to assault charges after her alleged actions towards him.

Supposedly, the woman and her ex were meeting to talk and to give each other’s property back. Evidently, the conversation went badly, and the woman got emotionally upset. She allegedly attempted to assault him with her vehicle, and then she wrecked her car. The man received injuries to his legs, and the woman was treated and released from an area hospital.

The woman originally faced the charges of attempted second-degree murder, motor vehicle/unlawful taking, second-degree assault, and other charges. The woman decided to take a plea deal, and she admitted to first-degree assault charges instead. She faces up to 25 years in jail.

Even though up to 25 years in jail for first-degree assault may seem like a steep sentence, the plea deal undoubtedly shaved many years off of her sentence. While her plea deal was beneficial for her case, not every case will receive the option to choose a plea deal. Maryland professionals in criminal law are available to counsel one about one’s criminal defense, regardless if a plea deal is an option or not.

Source: Cumberland Times-News, Garrett woman charged with attempted murder enters plea agreement, No author, Sept. 20, 2013

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