Maryland man admits to 2 criminal charges of robbery in plea deal

When the average American citizen thinks of violent crimes, he or she may not think robbery would fit into this category. However, robbery, particularly armed robbery, is conducted by threatening the well being of the victim. Even if the robber does not use a real weapon, if the victim believes the weapon to be real at the time of the crime, it is still called robbery even if the robber did not really intend to harm the victim. A Maryland man has been arrested and is facing two criminal charges of robbery for using a toy gun to rob area motels.

The man and his accomplice supposedly held up a Days Inn and demanded money from the employee. The two then did the same at a Motel Six, brandishing what appeared to be a handgun. When police caught them, they gave their full cooperation, and a search into the vehicle showed that the handgun was actually an air soft toy gun.

The man received two criminal charges of robbery. Originally, the judge wanted one of the charges to warrant an eight-year prison sentence and the other charge to yield four. However, the man was offered a plea deal, and his sentence was reduced to four years total as well as three years of probation.

Since the man cooperated with police officers and his record had previously been clean, it affected the plea deal negotiations in his favor. The man also wrote letters of apology to his victims expressing his regret of his actions. Maryland professionals in criminal law are available to provide guidance into one’s criminal defense in an effort to form the best defense against one’s criminal charges.

Source: Newark Post, Newark man receives 4 years in prison for motel robberies, Carl Hamilton, Sept. 20, 2013

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