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Change to Maryland domestic violence laws proposed to aid victims

Domestic violence is a common issue that a Maryland domestic violence lawyer will encounter. An Anne Arundel County domestic violence lawyer often sees these cases before they grow too severe to be able to help. Sometimes, even when trying to use the Maryland domestic violence laws to put a stop to the abuse, the situation ends in tragedy.

The family of a woman who was stabbed to death by the father of her two children is trying to alter Maryland domestic violence laws to help people who are too frightened to speak out against their alleged abusers. The proposed laws would make it easier to arrest the alleged perpetrator of the abuse. The 29 year old woman was stabbed to death by the man, who was subsequently shot and killed by police.

The couple had had issues in the past that had violated Maryland domestic violence laws. The man had pleaded guilty to charges of second degree assault in 2012. The woman had also tried to have orders of protection against him, but refused to testify. As a result of this case, an attempt will be made to pay closer attention to cases in which it appears that violence or an increase in the danger of violence is a possibility.

This can be prevented if action is taken immediately and followed through. A Maryland domestic violence lawyer may be able to assist a person with filing the proper paperwork to gain a protective order or a peace order, depending on where the danger is coming from. It can happen to anyone and, in many instances, family and friends of the person being abused might not be aware of what’s occurring behind closed doors.

If there is ongoing abuse or the threat of what might escalate to abuse, it might be wise to speak to a Maryland domestic violence lawyer to understand the options. When it comes to Maryland domestic violence laws, they exist to help protect the victim.

Source:, “Family of Annapolis murder victim seeks changes to domestic violence laws,” Jack Lambert, Sept. 27, 2013

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