2 men face criminal charges of assault and attempted robbery

Sometimes the events surrounding an arrest have to be carefully reviewed to determine what was really taking place. That seems to be something to keep in mind in connection with a Maryland arrest that occurred in Silver Spring in the early morning hours recently. Police report that three men were walking on Piney Branch Road in Silver Spring. They say that an officer witnessed two of the men start assaulting and robbing the other man. The officer approached and eventually subdued and arrested the two men on criminal charges of attempted robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, second degree assault, and conspiracy to commit second degree assault.

The officer first saw the three men when the one who was later assaulted threw something at an apartment window above a restaurant. They continued walking together on Piney Branch Road, according to the witnessing officer. At the intersection of Piney Branch Road and Dale Drive, the officer says that he saw two of the men begin to assault and attempt to rob the man who had been throwing objects at the window.

The officer said that he approached the group, and one man stopped one man who started to run away. He then took both suspects into custody. The two were a 28-year-old man and a 27-year-old man, both from Hyattsville. They are being held under bond by Silver Spring authorities.

Maryland criminal defense counsel for each defendant will want to go over the facts surrounding these criminal charges in detail. What’s somewhat puzzling is that the men were together. An observing officer says the two started robbing the other man but without giving any details of what kind of a robbery it was. They obviously were not accosting a stranger on the sidewalk. Further, with respect to the assault counsel will want to determine how the events specifically transpired and whether this was a mutual altercation rather than an actual assault.

Source: wusa9.com, Carlos Bosque and Edgar Cruz arrested for attempted robbery, assault in Md., Metta Pettus, Oct. 8, 2013

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