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Maryland's response to opioid epidemic is a national example

Nationally, you can't pick up a newspaper or look at a Facebook feed without seeing something relating to the opioid epidemic that's killing first-time drug users and long-time addicts alike.

New, high-powered versions of synthetic opioids have hit the illegal drug market. Many dealers are using fentanyl and carfentanil, drugs more powerful than morphine, as additives to their opioids in order to make them stronger -- but users are dying at an alarming rate.

Know the key points of avoiding self-incrimination

There are several rights that you need to think about when you are facing criminal charges. One of these is the right to avoid self-incrimination. This right is provided by the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

You might have heard people on movies and on television say that they "plead the Fifth" when they are being questioned. This saying comes from this right. However, you have to know some specifics about what happens when you plead the Fifth.

Work out child custody matters now to make the future easier

Child support and custody are separate matters. This means that a parent can't withhold child support if they can't see the child and visitations can't be withheld if support payments aren't made. Parents who think about this carefully might be able to save themselves a lot of trouble in the future.

It is important for a child to have a meaningful relationship with both parents as long as there isn't any abuse or similar situation going on. Just because you and your ex can't get along doesn't mean that your children should be the ones to suffer.

Special needs require special attention in child custody cases

Taking care of a child who has special needs is difficult. As many parents can attest to, it usually takes cooperation from both parents, as well as number of other people to care for the child.

The stress level associated with taking care of a child who has special needs is often very high. This can sometimes cause difficulties in the marriage. In extreme cases, this leads to the child's parents divorcing. A divorce that includes a child who has special needs has some unique factors because of the child custody issues that have to be decided.

Involuntary manslaughter conviction sets national precedent

There's been a landmark ruling in a Massachusetts juvenile court with implications that could reverberate nationwide.

A young woman, now aged 20, has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter for texting her boyfriend messages urging him to kill himself back in 2014. Her boyfriend ultimately went through with the act.

Think about your options during a divorce proceeding

The end of your marriage is the start of a new life. We recently discussed some of the steps that you can take to get ready for a new relationship after your divorce. One of the important points here is that you can't focus on a new relationship until you have handled the issues associated with your divorce.

We know that you are probably ready to get the divorce finalized. We can help you to work toward this goal. You might be able to find options for working through issues that you haven't thought of yet. As we work together, we will figure out the options that you have.

Getting ready for a relationship after a divorce

There are a lot of new things that you will experience after your divorce is final. One of these is when you are ready to start dating again. This is a big step that you need to be sure you are ready for.

If you think you are ready to start dating again, make sure that you think about these tips as you embark on the adventure. Remember, the journey should be fun.

Drowsy drivers shouldn't agree to field sobriety tests

Have you ever driven home so tired that you found yourself falling asleep at a red light?

If so, you aren't alone. Studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that 4 percent of the drivers out there on the road have fallen asleep in the last 30 days while behind the wheel -- and that's just the ones who will admit to it.

More bad news for Baltimore police as scandal deepens

The scandal surrounding the Baltimore police officers who formed an elite unit designed to stop illegal weapons from getting to the streets just seems to keep getting worse.

Seven officers stand accused of robbing citizens at gunpoint for whatever cash they had on them at the time, falsifying their work records to claim overtime pay they hadn't earned, violating the civil rights of the innocent and guilty alike, falsifying court papers, stealing weapons and cash from crime scenes and -- in one case -- being part of a drug trafficking ring.

Resolutions might be possible before a criminal trial

Deferred adjudication and pretrial diversion programs are used in many criminal cases to prevent a defendant from having to go to trial. This is a chance for the defendant to pay a penalty for the crime, but once the program is successfully completed, the person might not have a mark on his or her criminal record.

One thing that people who are being offered these options must realize is that they come with conditions. You can't get into more legal trouble and successfully complete the program. If you get into trouble or you don't complete the program, you can face more legal consequences.

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