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Maryland Man, Woman Charged With Multiple Internet Crimes


Harassment does not always happen in person. The internet has made it easy to perpetuate these crimes online.

A Maryland man has been arrested for terrorizing his ex-wife online. The man, a 42-year-old Navy officer, worked with a co-conspirator, a 43-year-old woman, and both have been charged with cyberstalking, fraud, and identity theft.

The man is also a seven-year Air Force veteran who was awarded several medals for this service. However, during a recent urinalysis, the officer tested positive for marijuana use. The Navy now plans to separate him from service.

Both the man and woman, a senior trial attorney for the U.S. Department of Transportation, were living together in Silver Springs when law enforcement officials raided their home two years ago. They had executed a search warrant and were searching for evidence of computer crimes. Both the man and woman were involved in an extensive, long-term scheme to harass the man’s ex-wife and interfere with court proceedings tied to divorce and child custody. The scheme involved perpetuating fraud in various Maryland and Virginia courts.

The Navy officer’s scheme involved spoofed and fake email accounts and telephone numbers to create false communications from his ex-wife. The man’s false claims caused the ex-wife to face criminal charges, but they were later dropped.

The man also used inappropriate language to tamper with his ex-wife’s employment as a school teacher. He spread salacious rumors about her to school principals, telling them that she abused prescription drugs and neglected her children. He tried to frame her as mentally unstable through fake accounts and tried to restrict her access to his military retirement and pension accounts.

The man also sent fake messages to the parent-teacher organization at an elementary school reporting his ex-wife for domestic violence and firearm charges. He assumed his ex-wife’s identity in various emails and messages. When his ex-wife married a Marine Corps officer, the man allegedly told child welfare investigators that his ex-wife’s new husband was a child molester. In addition, he created lies to win a child custody case. He made it appear that his ex-wife had sought treatment for cocaine abuse and suicide.

 The Navy officer was finally investigated by Maryland’s Montgomery County Police Department. When this happened, the man began a similar campaign against a detective. He sent obscene messages to the detective’s cell phone and spoofed his email account to send inappropriate emails to the detective’s boss.

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Fraud, identity theft, and cyberstalking are crimes that often cross state lines so they can be charged at the federal level. A person can face many years behind bars, as well as other penalties.

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