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Despite changes, Baltimore’s speed cameras remain error prone

Over the last few months, much attention has been paid to the accuracy of speed cameras used in the Baltimore area. Since…

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What is the purpose of Maryland’s traffic cameras?

As readers of this blog likely know, the issue of speed cameras in the Baltimore area has been a frequent topic of…

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Baltimore court passes on speed-camera charges

For many drivers, receiving a traffic violation is more than just a mere inconvenience. If a person has a commercial driver’s license…

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Technology versus Maryland’s traffic cameras

Baltimore and the rest of Maryland has had red light cameras since 1997 and speeding cameras since 2007. It would be a…

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New speeding cameras now at work in Baltimore County

Despite the debate surrounding law enforcement tools such as red light cameras and speeding cameras, officials in Baltimore County have moved forward…

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Speed camera proposal sparks further ethics debate in Maryland

In a previous post about speed cameras in Maryland, we mentioned that there was a proposal to amend the laws regarding the…

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Speeding cameras in Maryland work zones make money, ignite debate

Laws regarding traffic safety have a tendency to spark debate among a community. While most understand the importance of responsible driving, they…

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Speeding cameras spread through Baltimore County

A traffic ticket can sound like minor trouble in a person’s day, but when they add up, traffic citations can make an…

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Schools, cameras, action! Speeding fines start in Howard County

Devices that are currently being used in Howard County have been the source of much debate here in Maryland but throughout other…

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Maryland man proves speeding cameras are ‘highway robbery’

Speeding cameras are a source of debate not only throughout the state of Maryland but throughout the country. More and more states…

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Debate over speed cameras in Howard County continues

The Baltimore Sun reports that speeding cameras could soon spread throughout more of the state. Specifically, Howard County could soon have the…

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Maryland appeals court says police aren’t above traffic laws

Traffic cameras have inspired debate throughout the country about whether they are effective tools of law enforcement or sneaky ways to make…

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Maryland Senator Wants Speed Cameras Used for Safety, Not Revenue

Speed cameras. Are they effective means of protecting the public from reckless driving, or are they mere money makers? That’s been an…

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New Speeding Camera At Work On Maryland Highway

Some in the state of Maryland worry that “Big Brother” is among resident drivers now that cameras are replacing officers at certain…

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