Speeding cameras spread through Baltimore County

A traffic ticket can sound like minor trouble in a person’s day, but when they add up, traffic citations can make an impact on a person’s life and wallet. Because that potential impact is there, it’s important for a community to look at how traffic tickets for speeding or other traffic violations are issued.

We have discussed the debate surrounding law enforcement’s traffic cameras in the past. It’s not just a debate that’s been covered on this Baltimore criminal defense blog; it’s a debate that’s taken place throughout Maryland and other parts of the country. Those against the use of speeding cameras in Baltimore, however, don’t seem to be on the winning end of the conversation.

According to The Baltimore Sun, another speeding camera is being put in place at a construction zone in Baltimore County. Its location is the outer loop of the Baltimore Beltway at Exit 13. The controversial law enforcement tool will begin its work at the new location next Tuesday. If it catches a driver supposedly driving 12 mph or more over the posted speed limit, that driver will receive a traffic ticket in the mail.

The cost of the ticket is $40, which seems easy enough to pay for some. But these are difficult economic times, and now is always the time to question the ethics of law enforcement in our communities. Should someone be able to be fined for something that no law enforcement officer actually saw happen? Do these cameras violate citizens’ rights to due process and the presumption of innocence?

A speeding ticket issued as the result of a camera can be challenged in court, but it can be wise to consult a criminal defense attorney about the citation. He or she would be able to explain to you your options and help mitigate the situation. That’s true for anyone, but it might be especially helpful for someone who already has offenses on his or her driving record.


The Baltimore Sun: “New speed camera installed on Beltway’s outer loop,” Candace Thomson, Dec. 8, 2011

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