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Young Disney celeb fights against DUI charges

People from all walks of life get charged with drunk driving. It’s likely that a family member, friend or neighbor you know has been involved with a DUI allegation at some point in their life. Even Disney celebrities can get arrested for DUI.

In October, a former co-star of “Hannah Montana” was arrested in an out-of-state incident involving alcohol. Mitchel Musso, 20, was pulled over by police and put through sobriety tests. The incident has led to him facing two criminal charges. But he’s not giving in.

It can be tempting to lie back and just let a criminal conviction happen to you. But doing so is rarely the wise route. This young DUI defendant has a future ahead of him and a reputation to uphold. Fighting against the drunk driving charges could potentially save him some significant consequences.

According to reports, the star’s criminal defense attorney entered in pleas of not guilty last Friday. The reasoning behind the pleas is currently undisclosed, but we will look out for more details behind the defense strategy as the case progresses.

It’s possible, as with many other DUI cases, that the attorney would challenge the effectiveness of the Breathalyzer test that law enforcement used to support criminal charges against the young man. Or, maybe the defense believes that police had no sufficient reason to pull the defendant over in the first place.

If the defense strategy doesn’t work and Musso is found guilty of the drunk driving charges, he could face up to six months in jail. That wouldn’t be a very Disney ending.

Source “Underage Disney Star Mitchel Musso Pleads Not Guilty to DUI Charges,” Dec. 9, 2011

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