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A closer look at Maryland’s juvenile justice system – II

Last time, we began providing some basic background information about Maryland’s juvenile court system in order to provide young people facing criminal…

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A closer look at Maryland’s juvenile justice system

Last week, our blog discussed how juvenile crime — including offenses like robbery, assault and theft — has recently become more of…

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Copper theft charges ensnare Maryland boy

Annapolis police recently arrested two people for stealing copper pipes from a construction site. One was a local 29-year-old man and the…

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Teen’s alleged theft of sports car leads to more severe charges

It can be difficult to understand how the criminal justice system works. Sometimes, prosecutors and/or judges will also take liberties when handling…

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Boys and girls treated differently in Maryland’s justice system

The fight for gender equality isn’t a new one. But it is something that most don’t grapple with until they are adults.…

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Toying around gets two, including teen, charged with assault

Have you ever done something that you thought was funny in the moment only to realize later that maybe the joke went…

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Grandmother hurt by 14-year-old grandson dies from injuries

Back in April and in August, we shared some posts about an assault case involving a young boy and his 67-year-old grandmother.…

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Judge gives boy another chance after his attack on grandmother

In April, we shared a post about a tragic violent offense committed by a young, 14-year-old boy. The Baltimore Sun had reported…

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Recent armed robbery puts teens in line of adult punishment

Do you remember your teenhood? Looking back on that time as an adult, it can be startling to recall how irresponsible or…

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Baltimore assault case could be treated as hate crime

Within the legal system, labeling certain offenses as hate crimes is a relatively new reality in some states. Maryland has pretty extensive…

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Baltimore police arrest child following assault on his grandmother

Authorities are looking into a bizarre and tragic event in the lives of a young man, his grandmother and their otherwise peaceful…

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Alleged Kid Bully Charged with Assault in Maryland

Many of us have grown up dealing with bullies in school. To some extent, bullying comes with the territory of childhood and…

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Critter Kidnapping: Baltimore Kids Charged in Unique Theft Case

Last weekend, a Baltimore nature center lost some of its wild treasures to two different break-ins. Curiously, no money was stolen. No…

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In Pursuit to Bust Him for Drug Crime, Police Hit Youth with Car

Did area police recently go overboard in their pursuit to capture a young man whom they believed they saw sell drugs? According…

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