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Don’t let patriotic celebrations lead to criminal charges

As you head out this weekend to enjoy the patriotic celebrations that abound around the 4th of July, make sure that you…

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Troopers warn drunk drivers to stay off the roads

Everyone who is planning on heading out to New Year’s Eve parties, dates and other festivities should be aware that the 23…

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Know the risks of drunk driving this holiday season

Many people think that they can enjoy the festive offers of alcohol at parties without having to worry about anything. If you…

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Police officers must have a reason to initiate a DUI stop

There are several different points that can be considered as part of a drunk driving defense. In some cases, the reason why…

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All DUI cases involve decisions and investigations

In our previous blog post, we discussed how important it is for people who are facing a felony drunk driving charge to…

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We can help you fight Labor Day drunk driving charges

The Labor Day weekend is a time of barbeques and parties. As you say bye to summer, you should make sure that…

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Myths and reality regarding drunk driving

There are a few prevalent myths about drunk driving floating around out there, and buying into these myths could get you into…

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Two components of a drunk driving case to consider

You have probably seen all of the public service announcements that warn you not to drink and drive. While those PSAs have…

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A Breathalyzer must be properly calibrated

The police often depend on breath tests to determine if people are under the influence or not. It sounds simple enough: If…

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What is the difference between a DWI and a DUI in Maryland?

Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after you have been drinking is almost certainly a recipe for disaster. Just because you’ve…

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DUI defense: Breath and blood tests can be challenged

Many drunk driving cases hinge on the defendant’s blood-alcohol concentration at the time of the accident. A recent ruling by the United…

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Drunk driving charges can ruin your life

Warm summer nights and beautiful weather mean that people are going to start hosting gatherings. Many of those gatherings will include alcoholic…

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Drunk driving charges require a firm fight

The warmer summer months mean that it is time to get out and enjoy the weather. Some people might opt to do…

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Insurance policies often cost more after a DUI conviction

Drunk driving charges can affect your freedom, your finances and your ability to enjoy life. For one reason, a conviction can mean…

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Background checks can contain DUI arrests and convictions

Being arrested for drunk driving might seem like an inconvenience; however, when you find out some of the ways that it can…

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How does alcohol consumption affect driving abilities?

Drunk driving charges are something that can ruin the winter holiday season. The alcohol served at holiday parties is something that some…

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Explore some DUI defense options that might help your case

Facing a drunk driving charge is a difficult journey for many people. In most cases, the top priority when they are arrested…

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Test result administration methods and results matter for DUIs

In a previous post, we discussed some of the options people who are facing drunk driving charges have when presenting a defense.…

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Court date set for Maryland man charged in DUI accident

A 51-year-old Hagerstown man who is allegedly responsible for an automobile crash back in 2014 that paralyzed a Sharpsburg man now has…

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Former Maryland bishop’s manslaughter trial postponed

The trial for a 58-year-old former Episcopalian bishop from Baltimore, Maryland, who is accused of killing a bicyclist in an alleged drunk…

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