Troopers warn drunk drivers to stay off the roads

Everyone who is planning on heading out to New Year’s Eve parties, dates and other festivities should be aware that the 23 barracks of the Maryland State Police are going to continue increased patrols to find impaired drivers. From Thanksgiving until just before Christmas, the MSP patrols led to the arrest of approximately 450 individuals for DUI.

These patrols are focusing on drunk drivers, but law enforcement officers aren’t stopping there. They are also looking for aggressive drivers, who can also be a dangerous factor on the highways. These patrols are occurring in areas that are associated with high levels of drunk driving and motor vehicle crashes.

If you are planning on heading out for the holiday, be sure that you make plans to get home or to a safe location without having to drive drunk. This could save you a lot of trouble and expense in the future since you won’t have to face drunk driving charges.

It is also important for you to remember to drive without getting distracted. Maryland State Patrol troopers issued a reminder with the information about the increased patrols for DUIs about keeping your eyes on the road and avoiding cellphone use while driving.

You can still have fun this coming weekend, but make sure you do so safely. Sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols can easily suck the fun out of your holiday if you are arrested for drunk driving. In the unfortunate event that this happens, be sure to know your rights and how to assert those so that you don’t do anything that might affect your defense.

Source: WCBC Radio, “DUI’s on the Rise in Maryland,” Dec. 22, 2016

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