Myths and reality regarding drunk driving

There are a few prevalent myths about drunk driving floating around out there, and buying into these myths could get you into some serious legal trouble. Below are some of the main myths and the realities.

1. You can never get a DUI if you’re not actively behind the wheel.

Sure, most DUIs are handed out this way, but police can make arrests if they know you were driving drunk. Jumping out of the car and running into your house before they can pull you over may not get you out of a DUI.

2. As long as you don’t have more than two drinks, you can drive.

This may be true for some people, but the number of drinks isn’t what’s important. Your BAC is all that matters. If you weigh 90 pounds and have two hard mixed drinks, you may be over the limit; if you weigh 300 pounds and have two Miller Lites, you may be under it.

3. Sucking on a penny can trick a breathalyzer.

This doesn’t work. Police ask you to blow hard, pushing a lot of air through your lungs, and they may perform multiple tests, along with field sobriety tests. Sucking on a penny isn’t going to get you off without a problem if you’re drunk.

4. You have to submit to the breath test and the field tests.

You don’t. You’re within your rights to refuse. However, refusal may still lead to an arrest. Maryland uses implied consent laws that mean you can lose your license and be fined for refusing a breath test.

If you’ve heard these myths before, or if you know people who staunchly believe them, you now know how important it is to really understand the law. Keep this in mind if you’re ever facing charges so that you can weigh your real options.

Source: Complex, “10 DUI Myths Debunked,” Nathan Laliberte, accessed Aug. 30, 2016

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