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Don’t let patriotic celebrations lead to criminal charges

As you head out this weekend to enjoy the patriotic celebrations that abound around the 4th of July, make sure that you don’t let your good time lead to criminal charges. We know that you probably don’t intend on this happening, but you have to remember that drinking and driving is against the law.

It is all too easy to think that you are able to drive after you knock back a few drinks. Even though you might think that you are fine to drive, what really matters is your blood-alcohol concentration. Short of you buying a machine to test this, there is no reliable way for you to know whether your BAC is higher than the legal limit.

The way that you feel isn’t a good indicator of your BAC. You might feel fine, but in reality, your driving abilities might already be on a downward slide.

We know that you don’t want this weekend to end with your sitting in jail. If you made a mistake and got busted driving drunk, we can help you to learn about the ways that you might address the issues that you are facing.

One thing that is for certain now — the drunk driving charge and penalties aren’t going to vanish into thin air. If you want to fight these, you will have to get to work on your defense. Getting started right away is necessary since some aspects of this charge need to be addressed quickly. We can help determine what steps you need take and what options you have.

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