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Test result administration methods and results matter for DUIs

In a previous post, we discussed some of the options people who are facing drunk driving charges have when presenting a defense. In some cases, challenging the blood test or Breathalyzer test results will be one of those options. We know that the thought of challenging test results might be a bit of a technical option; however, if there is any doubt about the accuracy of these results, calling them into question might help your defense.

It is important to start at the beginning of the traffic stop to determine if everything was handled in a legal manner. If you had a field sobriety test, we will look into the method of administration and other factors to determine if it was done legally. We can do the same for the Breathalyzer test and the blood test if those were done to determine if you were actually driving drunk.

Finding reasons to challenge the results of these tests can have a huge impact on your case. For example, if your blood-alcohol content was .07 percent or less, the charge would be a DWI. If that BAC is .08 percent or higher, a DUI charge can be made. The penalties of those two charges are significant.

There is a chance that drunk driving charges might be reduced or dismissed if we can prove that any of those drunk driving marker tests wasn’t administered in accordance with the law and approved procedures. While there is no guarantee that we will be able to get the charges altered or dropped, we will do our best to advocate for you.

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