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Do you know what’s really going on in field sobriety tests? – II

If you are pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence, it’s high likely that you will be asked to step…

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Do you know what’s really going on in field sobriety tests?

In the unfortunate event you ever find yourself pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence, there’s a good chance that…

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Dedicated to helping those facing the consequences of a DUI

Here in Maryland, the law dictates that anyone convicted of driving under the influence who had a blood alcohol content of .15…

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DUI charges in Maryland require skilled, aggressive advocacy

Last month, the vehicle safety advocacy group Mothers Against Drunk Driving released its annual report rating the states on their efforts to…

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If you are arrested for DUI over the holidays, we can help

It may seem hard to believe, but Christmas is now just over a week away. This means people will be out in…

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What is the science behind breathalyzer tests?

Most of us have a good understanding of the various tools that law enforcement in Maryland has at its disposal to combat…

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Olympic great arrested on DUI charges in Maryland

Most people know Maryland-native Michael Phelps for his record-setting achievements at the Olympics and his headline making achievements in the water. Unfortunately,…

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Drunk driving: Federal call to lower legal limit raises questions

For many people, it may be hard to tell where the line is between legal sobriety and going over the limit when…

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Reality of DUI charges may soon hit TV star

Readers in Baltimore may be familiar with the MTV reality show “Teen Mom” and Farrah Abraham, one of the cast members. In…

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Baltimore police plan heavy DUI patrols for St. Patrick’s holiday

St. Patrick’s Day weekend is a great time for Maryland residents to celebrate their Irish heritage or simply spend quality time with…

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Football star’s drunk driving arrest raises questions

Football fans in Baltimore are certainly excited that the Ravens are headed to the Super Bowl. Although the team can celebrate a…

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Senator expresses sincere regret after DUI arrest

Coming off the heels of an intense election season, readers in Maryland are acutely aware of the intense scrutiny placed on those…

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Baltimore drunk driving on the rise, study says

It may seem as though when Baltimore law enforcement of drunk driving violations increases, the number of drunk driving arrests should eventually…

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Maryland police: DUI crackdown will continue through holidays

Adult beverages and celebrating seem to go hand-in-hand, which is why drunk driving arrests typically spike around the holidays. Thanksgiving was no…

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Former Baltimore DJ sentenced for drunk driving conviction

When someone is charged with drunk driving, there can be more than just legal consequences. There can be damage done to relationships,…

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Police officer gets community service for DUI

Police officers can sometimes be treated differently in the eyes of the law. If someone shoots a police officer for example, the…

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