Baltimore police plan heavy DUI patrols for St. Patrick’s holiday

St. Patrick’s Day weekend is a great time for Maryland residents to celebrate their Irish heritage or simply spend quality time with friends and family. As is the case with most holidays, celebrations are likely to include alcohol. As Baltimore residents celebrate this coming weekend, they could benefit from making preparations to avoid the consequences of a drunk driving arrest.

As the festivities approach, it is important to note that Baltimore-area police have signaled that officers will be out in large numbers in an effort to apprehend those believed to be guilty of drunk driving. This action is largely a response to the holiday weekend last year, which was reportedly rather boisterous.

In addition to patrols on the roads, police will also be on foot. This effort is mostly aimed at catching people who are drinking in the streets, an offense for which police may also issue citations.

Whatever the case, those who choose to consume alcohol are best served by making arrangements to get a sober ride home. Not only is this a safety measure, but it can also prevent serious legal complications.

Even in the instance that Baltimore residents try to be cautious and limit their alcohol intake before driving, one drink may be the difference between being below or above the legal limit. One small mistake can have profound legal consequences, which can include temporary license suspension. In order to mitigate the negative — and lasting — effects of a DUI charge, an individual suspected of driving drunk could benefit from the advice of a trusted legal professional.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Police to heighten patrols during St. Patrick’s Day weekend,” Justin George, March 14, 2013

  • Our firm has experience handling drunk driving cases for Baltimore County residents. To learn more, please see our Maryland DUI page.

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