Senator expresses sincere regret after DUI arrest

Coming off the heels of an intense election season, readers in Maryland are acutely aware of the intense scrutiny placed on those running for public office. Public officeholders rely on maintaining a solid reputation, and making one mistake can damage their ability to effectively serve constituents.

Right now, U.S. Senator Michael Crapo perfectly understands the personal and professional implications of a legal problem — a drunk driving charge. When news of Crapo’s DUI arrest became public, his colleagues in the Senate were shocked. The lawmaker has a “squeaky-clean” reputation, which has likely come into question since his arrest in late 2012.

According to reports, Crapo had a cocktail and decided to go for a late-night drive when he couldn’t sleep. He quickly realized that he shouldn’t have been driving, but was pulled over after running a red light on the way back to his apartment.

The Senator admitted to the charges in court, but said he deeply regrets making the decision to drive. He also mentioned that this was the only time he had been behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. Oftentimes, upstanding individuals have a momentary lapse in judgment that proves to have lasting effects.

In addition to damaging his reputation in the public eye, this DUI charge could affect Crapo’s standing within his faith community, which prohibits alcohol consumption. Certainly, mandatory driver’s license suspension and fines can be a major burden, but the less obvious consequences of a DUI conviction are sometimes the most severe. This is exactly why it’s important to take first-time drunk driving charges seriously and find ways to positively resolve the accusations.

Source: WBAL News, “U. S. Senator Pleads Guilty In DUI Case,” Steve Fermier, Jan. 4, 2013

  • Our firm has helped Baltimore residents understand their legal options when accused of drunk driving. To find out more, please see our Maryland DUI page.

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